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Games Medallion

A nice alternative to actually playing the game is having conversations with the players about their opinions on the animal and color symbolism. Have discussions about the difference between Loneliness vs. Withdrawn, or Anger vs. Frustration. In addition, use Medallion as an opportunity to teach new words that are related to emotions!

Here is a guide to the symbolism within the game.

Medallion Symbolism

1: Loneliness

Animal: Cobra

Snakes are solitary creatures that strike when someone else tries to get too close. They have venomous fangs that can hurt others who they see as threats. Maybe the snake only strikes because it's scared.

Color: Light blue

A lighter shade of blue can represent moodiness opposed to a darker shade of blue representing sadness. This light blue can also be seen as an "ice" blue, and loneliness is a cold place to be.


2: Impulsive

Animal: Bull

Bulls are known to charge at a waving red cape of the matador. The bull doesn’t think, but just acts on impulse. The bull's inability to "think it through" will likely lead to it’s demise.

Color: Intense yellow

Represents that sometimes, intense feelings are an obstacle to good decision making skills.


3: Insecurity

Animal: Ram

On the card, the ram can be seen on an edge of a cliff looking unconfident about climbing higher or jumping to another cliff ledge. Rams have great skills, but they just need to learn and have the patience to work up to their full potential.

Color: White

Represents a lack of color or lack of confidence.


4: Defiance

Animal: Ape

Silverback gorillas are massive with brutal strength. Where does an 800-pound gorilla sit? Anywhere it wants to! But possibly apes are misunderstood and only defensive because they have emotions too.

Color: Black

Black is the absence of color, which can represent stubbornness, and not being compliant. The inability of seeing different opinions in this world.


5: Anxiety

Animal: Puma

Puma’s and many wild cats are very sensitive to their environment. Sometimes oversensitivity to your surroundings is not a good thing because you will live in fear.

Color: Violet

Some people say that violet can represent intense awareness. Anxiety may lead to one to overthink the unknown. Perhaps its better to not overthink but rather to harness and learn that a keen sense of awareness is an asset rather than an obstacle to growth.


6: Anger

Animal: 3-headed dog

This is a mythological creature. Sometimes anger is irrational and misdirected, but it can be fierce!

Color: Crimson Red

Represents boldness and fierceness. Red can represent the heart pounding faster and blood coursing through the veins of someone who is angry. Red often represents hot, and people who are angry are often "hot headed".


7: Stress

Animal: Warthog

This creature is often hunted and obviously going to be stressed out; running away from their fears. Stress can sometimes be ugly!

Color: Shocking Pink/ Magenta

Represents the face turning flush because of stress.


8: Mindless

Animal: Rhino

Sometimes people aren’t aware of their own strength and they need to work up to their true potential. In addition, emotional detachment is just as important to address as emotions themselves. Instead of avoiding your emotions, you must face them head-on, just like a Rhino before it charges at an obstacle!

Color: Silver

Represents a mirror’s reflection. A mirror may reflect light and other aspects that come its way (rather than absorbing), but to be mindful you should look into the metaphorical mirror to see the true you!


9: Frustration

Animal: Komodo Dragon

In the story of Medallion, real zoo animals were mutated into other creatures. A Komodo Dragon is an actual animal, however, the mythological fire-breathing dragon which it mutated into represents an inpatient, cold-blooded creature which misdirects insecurity to fire and a very hot cloud of air. Being a mythological creature represents that sometimes actions and thoughts can be irrational.

Color: Orange

Sometimes people are easily frustrated and feign intensity. The orange part of a flame is actually less intense than the white. Frustration can also lead to anger. Orange is a less bold color than red, which represents anger.


10: Withdrawn

Animal: Porcupine

These creatures have sharp quills, which keep others away. Porcupines isolate themselves in burrows under the ground.

Color: Forest Green

Sometimes certain people feel that they want to run into the forest and isolate themselves off from society.


11: Peer Pressure

Animal: Scorpion

Scorpions are predatory arachnids with grasping claws and a venomous stinger. They represent the peers who are usually not true friends but rather prey on taking others down with them.

Color: Neon green/ Neon yellow

Neon is a colorless, inert gas. These noble gases do not bond with any other elements. Neon signs are very bright in order to attract others. They are held in vacuum tubes. This represents how some people might try to feign strength for their deep-seated insecurities and emptiness. They have a difficult time bonding to others.


12: Sadness

Animal: Bat

Bats are often known as “creatures of darkness”. They actually live in colonies and are harmless to humans. Maybe they are misunderstood?

Color: Dark blue

The term “feeling blue” is associated with depression or sadness.


13: Unfocused

Animal: Octopus

The highly intelligent octopus has eight arms and is its body is capable of morphing into various shapes. Have you ever observed an octopus at an aquarium? It's difficult to identify what part you are looking at!

Color: A color mixture

Represents misdirected confused energy. Empowerment exists in focused energy.

What symbolism do you see in Medallion?

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